Salsa Classes

Salsa Classes – Level I & II


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NEW! 8 week series of Salsa Classes
Starting May 30 until June 20th
(next 4 week series would be starting July 11, 2024)
(next 8 week series would be starting August 8, 2024)

No Classes June 27th and July 4th. Instructors working out of the country.

You can Register for our Salsa I Group Class Series
8 week group class: $120 per person ($15 per class)
4 week group class: $68 per person ($17 per Class)
Drop-ins $20.00 dollars per person/per class

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THURSDAY Classes taught by Instructors JENNIFER & FABIO BONINI

SALSA I – Beginner & Up
“Learning to Move Like a Salsero from the Ground UP!”
This course is designed for students with little or no salsa dance experience. This class will teach basic fundamentals of salsa timing, rhythm, footwork and an introduction to partner dancing helping you build a SOLID Salsa foundation. Our goal will be to raise your awareness of timing, technique & basic body movements so you can dance the night away in no time.

SALSA II – Intermediate & Up 
Introducing more complex steps and patterns based on skills developed in the Beginning class. You will be doing different patterns with turns, cross body leads, and some styling. Continue to develop leading/following and turning skills in order to prepare you for the next step. This class is to take the fundamentals to the next level.

What is Salsa?
Salsa movements originate from the Cuban Son dancing of the 1920s, and more specifically through the beat of Son Montuno with strong influences from the dance of Danzon, Mambo, Guaguanco and other Afro-Cuban folkloric dancing.Today’s Salsa dancing is a rich blend of Latin-American and Western influences; some other dance styles that have influenced today’s salsa include Western and Ballroom dancing. Salsa traces a 90 year history in which there are numerous evolutionary paths, sometimes split due to political and social influences. As a result, today there are various distinct styles of Salsa dancing, namely Cuban (“Casino”), New York Style (“Mambo on 2”) and Los Angeles Style (“On 1”). Other Salsa branches include Colombian Salsa (“Cali-Style”) and Miami-Style Salsa.
Why to learn Salsa?
Salsa is popular throughout Latin America as well as in the United States, Japan, Israel, Western Europe and Eastern Europe, notwithstanding huge growth in Asia and Southern hemisphere. It is fast becoming a global phenomenon.Latin and salsa dancing has hit DC in a big way over the past few years. I got into it a couple years ago, and started taking lessons off and on. Clubs all over DC cater to both beginner and serious salsa dancers. To broaden their patron base, many clubs and restaurants offer beginner and intermediate salsa lessons, before a night of Latin dancing.
Why to learn at Forever Dancing ?
We are a school of Dance, with progressive and effective Salsa Dance Classes. Here you will learn Salsa faster. The Lessons in clubs and restaurants do not have continuity and, or consistency and make it really difficult to learn. Every time you go, the lessons has nothing or very little to do with the previous Salsa Lesson. The information is not organized, the quality of instruction is not the best, and the students attending change. If you would like to learn Salsa faster, our private Salsa lessons will get you moving well at little time. Forever Dancing Ballroom Salsa Group Classes program is the best progressive program in the DC, VA, MD Area. We make learning Salsa easy, quick and fun!Forever Dancing is famous for this weekly Salsa Classes, and private salsa lessons and Parties. Here you will find a friendly, inspiring and supportive place to learn Salsa.

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