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Find your passion in Argentine Tango Classes!

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NEW! 4 week series of Argentine Tango Classes
Starting May 28 until June 18

(next 3 week series would be starting July 16, 2024)
(next 8 week series would be starting August 6, 2024)

No classes June 25th, July 2nd & 9th. Instructors working out of the country.

You can Register for our Argentine Tango Group Class Series:
8 week group class: $120 per person ($15 per class)
4 week group class: $68 per person ($17 per class)
3 week group class: $51 per person ($17 per Class)
Drop-ins $20.00 dollars

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TUESDAY Classes taught by Instructors JENNIFER & FABIO BONINI

The Argentine Tango Instructors of this program have been teaching and studying Tango for 20 years.










TANGO I  – $120 per 8 week series of classes, per person
Beginner & Up –  6:45-7:30PM
Here is where we develop the foundation of this dance. It takes from 6 months to one year to cover most of the Argentine Tango foundation essential topics.

LEAD & FOLLOW TECHNIQUES – $120 per 8 week series of classes, per person
All Levels – 7:30-8:15 PM
Here is where we try to understand better the art of Argentine Tango, and take the foundation to the next level, preparing the student for a more musical and fluid tango performance. Students will study more difficult choreography. The class emphasis is in communication, exploring Leading and flowing techniques. No total beginners are allowed.

TANGO II – $120 per 8 week series of classes, per person
Intermediate & Advanced – 8:15-9:00 PM
Students here are expected to have a good level of communication (lead /follow) , and musicality. The skills develop on this class relate to musicality, communication,  tango feeling, elegance, and fluidity of movement, generating the ability to create better interpretation of the music, and the usage of more complex figures for better enjoyment of the dance.

Argentine Tango “Practilonga”
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM











Best music, cushioned dance floor, plenty of room, perfect atmosphere for the practice of Tango.
Hosted by Instructors Fabio & Jennifer Bonini. It is a lot of fun!!!
Our Practilonga combines the best of a Milonga and a Practica. It’s a place to practice and a great excuse for a party!
Practice steps you learned in class/workshop, ask a friend to show you something new,
or just dance the afternoon away to an awesome tango selection.

Required to enter the building:
*Registration Online, to reserve your spot.
*Cash Only at the Door for Walk -ins.
*Partner changes are allowed and it’s optional.
*Bring in your clean dance shoes to change from your street shoes before entering the Ballroom.
*We appreciate your consideration for others safety.
No refund, exchange or credit will be processed after purchase

Admission $10 per person. Just Show up and Dance!
PAYMENT ONLINE to Reserve your spot! or CASH Only at the door.

Argentine Tango “”La Divina” Milonga.
8:15 to 12:00AM

We are excited to bring you another Milonga of steamy & sultry TANGO on the 2nd Saturday of each month.
Meet us for a Pre-Milonga All Levels tango class 8:15-9pm, with Instructors Jennifer & Fabio Bonini.

Limited to 45 People in Main Ballroom
Required to enter the building.
*Registration Online to reserve your spot.
*CASH ONLY at the Door for Walk -ins.
*Bring in your dance shoes to change from your street shoes before entering the Ballroom.
*We appreciate your consideration for others safety.
No refund, exchange or credit will be processed after purchase

Tango Lesson prior to Milonga $15 per person
to Milonga $15 per person 
PAYMENT ONLINE to Reserve your spot! or CASH only at the door.

To find more information about the milongas at Forever Dancing click here!

Forever Dancing Ballroom have also been hosting several Argentine Tango coaches, and milongas throughout the year, because it is our tango mission to develop the Argentine Tango DMV Community with fresh, new skilled and friendly dancers that have appreciation for this art.

Forever Dancing Ballroom have been taking students to dance in Buenos Aires for the last 16 years (click here for our dancing trips webpage!), and organizing an Argentine Tango festival for 14 years (click here for our tango festival webpage), because “Forever Dancing Argentine Tango Program” invest in the students beyond classes, creating exciting events for them to participate, and activities that will motivate them to their next Argentine Tango Level.

Why to learn Argentine Tango?

Tango shows a way to learn about your own body and appreciate it. It improves your posture and walk and makes your movements coordinated, grounded, yet light and graceful.

You start moving to the music of your heart while you are at work, at home, or stuck in traffic.

Tango enriches your life as a couple. If both you and your life partner decide to join the world of tango, it can create a wonderful bonding experience, a prospect to do something new and exciting together.

Are you new to music and dancing? Tango opens ways for your self-expression, and if you are involved with other dances, tango will improve your skills.

Why to learn at Forever Dancing ?

Forever Dancing Ballroom Argentine Tango Group Classes program is the best progressive lesson program in the DC and VA Area. We make learning Argentine Tango easy, quick and fun!
Forever Dancing is famous for this weekly progressive & effective Argentine Tango Classes, and Private Argentine Tango lessons and Milongas (Dance Party). At Forever Dancing Ballroom  you will find a friendly, inspiring and supportive place to learn Argentine Tango. You will always meet new people at our Argentine Tango classes and in doing so you may build new lifelong friendships! Sign up now and learn this phenomenal dance.

Forever Dancing Argentine Tango Classes near Lincolnia, VA; Jefferson, VA; Falls Church, VA; Annandale, VA; Arlington, VA; North Springfield, VA; Franconia, VA; Idylwood, VA; Springfield, VA; Alexandria, VA; Groveton, VA; Washington, DC; Tysons Corner, VA; West Springfield, VA; Vienna, VA; with the best Argentine Tango Instructors of the DC Metropolitan Area.