Dance Events

Forever Dancing is always planning something exciting, scroll down to see the next events organized by Forever Dancing & already listed on our facebook page, if you click on them you will be redirected.
Here is a list of Special Events organized by Forever Dancing Ballroom:

-Annual Dancesport Competition, with Professional Dance show , dance party and special dance attractions:
DC Dance Challenge & Showcase (Click Here!)

-Annual Argentine Tango Festival, with dance workshops, Tango dance parties (milongas), shows and competition.
DC Tango Weekend & DC Tango Chalenge (Click Here!)

Travel and Dance trips, curious about your next dance adventure? Click below:
Dancing Trips (Click Here!)

Forever Dancing Showcase (Spring and Winter editions).  When the studio becames a theater,  the students become stars… (Click Here!)

If you are looking for other services such as Shows/Entertainment,  Corporate Training (click on the links, or look at the other services side bar)