Best Way To Learn


Private Lessons are the best way to learn. Your instructor may recommend you to attend supporting group classes, practice parties, and assigned home work.

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  1. Your instructor will design a dance program based in your needs and goals. So you will make a plan with your instructor to learn the dance(s) that you pick up to a certain level based in your skills, your level of improvement during and in between lessons. Instructor will work in your program as you use your lessons updating, following up and re-planning. This way you know what you are buying and when you are accomplishing. He/She may recommend attendance on group classes, and practice parties in conjunction to support your dance studies. Your instructor will certainly assign you home work.
  2. Its personal. The instructor is there just for you to teach, correct, evaluate, motivate, train, direct, choreograph and first of all, make sure you are reaching your goals.
  3. Corrections are immediate. Finding if your timing is correct, if you are using the proper technique, if you are leading/following properly and if you are looking good as you executing the pattern, for example, are very difficult in a group situation. And to find why something is not working right is almost impossible. Often couples in a group situation blame on each other because they can not tell what is going on.
    Here are some consequences of the most common uncorrected dance problems:
    Bad posture = back pain, Bad leader/follower = no dance partner, Bad Tempo = no fun to dance with, Bad balance = Limited the dancer that cannot execute advanced movements.
  4. Corrections are immediate because you will know when and why you are doing right or wrong.
  5. We have a teaching method. Our instructors have an amazing capacity of breaking down patterns in very simple components that anyone can do. This way they will make the hardest pattern very easy to learn.
  6. We have an experienced staff. They are highly prepared to teach lead/follow, tempo, poise, expression and train you with other dance fundamentals that will really help you go beyond the dance patterns you learn.
  7. Instructor are fun to be with. Just to remind you are going to have a great time.