Dance Parties

Enjoy a wonderful night in a perfect setting for dancers! Glide on a spacious sprung hardwood dance floor, and let beautiful music flow through you! Meet and connect with other ballroom dancers from around town, and enjoy the delicious snacks, refreshments and desserts we have specially prepared for you!

Practicing Dance is a big part of the learning process and it is essential to master your dancing skills. Dancing socially is fun and will help to develop the dancer inside of you. Forever Dancing Ballroom provides a safe place for that. Our dancing parties are fun and very supportive for all Dance Students.
Below you will find a general schedule about our parties…to see a more detailed schedule and party themes click here!

Ballroom Dance Party

8:15-10:30pm   Every 1st & 3rd SATURDAY
Class (7:30-8:15pm) $10, Party (8:15-10:30pm) $14 or Class + Party $20 *Waltz*Foxtrot*Quickstep*VienesseWaltz*Tango*Cha-Cha*Bolero*Samba *Rumba*Swing*Mambo*Jive*Salsa*Bachata*Merengue*Samba*Paso Doble.

Argentine Tango “La Divina” Milonga

9:00pm-01:00am   Every 2nd SATURDAY
Class (8:00-9:00pm) $10, Party (9:00-01:00am) $14 or Class + Milonga $20

Group Practice

Practice $5 for Forever Dancing Students & $8 for guest students.

9:00-10:00pm Every TUESDAY
Supervised Argentine Tango Practice Time- Tango, Vals & Milonga

8:15-9:30pm. Every last FRIDAY of 4 week series- Ballroom/Latin Supervised Practice
*Waltz*Foxtrot*Quickstep*Vienesse Waltz*Tango*Cha-Cha*Bolero*Samba
*Rumba*Swing*Mambo*Jive*Salsa*Bachata*Merengue*Samba*Paso Doble*Argentine Tango AND MORE…