Birthday Parties, Special Occasion Venue

Unique Venue with Event Space for Special Occasions

Anniversaries, weddings and family reunions call for a one-of-a-kind event space. There’s no need to spend money creating atmosphere at special event venues, it’s built right in! Forever Dancing Ballroom is a party house machine with an exceptional event location,  new,  memorable and within your reach.

Xmas Decor for Thematic Parties
Holiday Parties

Customized Partye Projection
Customized Party Projection
Birthday Party Venue
Birthday Party Venue



Family Reunion at Forever Dancing Ballroom
Family Reunion at Forever Dancing Ballroom

Unique Venue for your Business Meeting or Business Special Event.

Celebrate your business, treat your team to the excitement of dancing, or use as a tool to build leaders.
Savor ethnic food in one of our partner neighbor restaurants and then come dance in your exclusive business party with lot’s of personalized entertainment.

Create a lasting, memorable and productive meetings and conferences as well.

Winner Team Company Events
Winner Team Company Events

Dance your birthday away, with friends and family in a glamorous ballroom customized just for you.

Forever Dancing Ballroom can make a glamorous, customized venue setting for adults, teens and children celebrate their birthday and any special occasion. It counts with the best dance floor in town, sound system, party lights, video projector, movie screen, kitchen, bathrooms, free parking, and all sorts of dance entertainers. Packages starts at $800.

If you are looking for a great place, an unforgettable event, for a great price, fill up this Questionnaire (CLICK HERE!) to help us understand what you are looking for.

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