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Argentine Tango

Find your passion! in Argentine Tango Classes!

Would you like to see our recent Argentine Tango demonstration at our last Open House with a couple of our Tango instructors before you sign up for the Argentine Tango Classes? Click here!

You can Register for any of our  Argentine Tango Group Class Serie:
4 week group class: $60 per person/per class
8 week group class: $104 per person/per class
Drop-ins $17.00 dollars


New! 4 week Group class series:
Starting January 24 to March 14, 2017

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$104 per 8 week series, person/per class
Drop-ins $17.00 dollars

Taught by Instructor Jennifer & Fabio Bonini

TANGO I  – Beginner & Up
6:45-7:30PM Here is where we develop the foundation of this dance. It takes from 6 months to one year to cover most of the Argentine Tango foundation essential topics.

7:30-8:15 PM Here is where we try to understand better the art of Argentine Tango, and take the foundation to the next level, preparing the student for a more musical and fluid tango performance. Students will study more difficult choreography. The class emphasis is in communication, exploring Leading and flowing techniques. No total beginners are allowed.

TANGO II – Intermediate & Advanced
8:15-9:00 PM Musicality, tango feeling, elegance, and fluidity of the dance should start to come together with more complex figures and precise interpretations of the music. Students here are expected to have a good level of communication (lead /follow) , and musicality.

Argentine Tango Pratica
9:00 PM to 10:00 PM – Students practice the movements learned in class for one hour. ($5 for students)

Forever Dancing Ballroom have been taking students to dance in Buenos Aires for the last 16 years,  organizing an Argentine Tango festival for 11 years, and host several Argentine Tango coaches throughout the year.

The Argentine Tango Instructors of this program have been teaching and studying Tango for 20 years.