Aerial Arts

Aerial Silk Classes, Rope, Static Trapeze and more…


These are progressive series of Aerial Dance Lessons in a Group Aerial class format. Come, and experience a new way of movement and expression by lifting yourself off the ground and learning to dance in vertical or horizontal space. In these classes (separated by level), students learn climbing, foot locking, wraps, poses, tricks, drops, and transitional movements in different apparatus. Increase your strength and stamina while learning body control, balance and flexibility.

*Go to our Calendar, select the Aerial Dance class of your choice and follow the instructions to Register or you can call our studio at 703-824-3555 and we can register by phone.

MONDAY Classes taught by Instructor JESSICA JOHN

New Aerial Silks Classes 8 week series starting January 28 until March 18, 2019.
(next 4 week series starting February 25th until March 18, 2019)

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*8 week Group classes:
$252.00 per person/per 1 one hour lesson

*4 week Group classes:
$126.00 per person/per 1 one hour lesson

$35.00 dollars per class

*Private Lessons:
$90.00 per person/per 1 one hour
by Appointment Only.



Aerial Rope  – Beginner & Up
7:30PM – 8:30PM
In this class, you will learn to climb, invert, and create figures to move through phrases in the air. As you build strength, you will learn harder sequences, drops, and how to harness momentum. Prerequisites: Students should have some previous aerial experience. They must be able to execute standard and Russian climbs and be able to invert cleanly in the air. If you are unsure whether you meet these requirements, please schedule a private lesson. 
Class Limit 8. Minimum 2 students per class to proceed.

Open Gym – All Levels (By Appointment Only)
8:30PM – 9:30PM

For students with over one year of aerial arts experience, or by instructor permission. Open Gym is your time to work on your own to practice and improve the skills you’ve learned in class and to work on your conditioning to ensure you can progress in your aerials education. You’re also welcome to work on your routine if you have a performance coming up in the next Forever Dancing Showcase (click here!), or anywhere else for that matter. Aerial fabric, aerial rope, and trapeze will be provided. Students may bring their own apparatus, but it must be inspected by the instructor prior to use.
Class Limit 8. Minimum 2 students per class to proceed.

Aerialist students should wear close-fitting and comfortable clothes. We also recommend wearing leggings or pants that cover the backs of your knees, you may also wish to cover your underarms. To keep the studio clean, we require that you remove your shoes in the entry area. There are cubicles in the lobby area where you can store your possessions and bathrooms for changing.  For your safety and to protect our equipment there is No Jewelry usage on the aerial apparatus.

Are you interested in Private Lessons?
Contact us to by e-mail to set up your first appointment, please let us know your previous experience, goals, schedule availability and we will contact you soon.